Other Services

Bonejour Pet Grooming Salon’s Complete Suite of Services

Even pets deserve to be given a little extra pampering.

The life of a pet can be stressful too! Running around and playing with other dogs and cats can get pets all tuckered out. When this happens, your pet may need a little extra pampering more than a treat.

Bonejour Pet Grooming Salon offers a wide range of extra services to ensure that your furry loved ones stay happy, healthy, and clean. Our extra services include:

Self-Service Dog Wash

When pet owners don’t have the tools to give their furry friends a bath, they can come over and use our facility to give their pets a luxurious and relaxing bath.


Will you be out of town for a few days? If so, leave your four-legged friend with us, we have state-of-the-art boarding equipment to keep them safe. Each pet entrusted in our care is treated with the love and attention it deserves.

Pet Sitting

If having your pet stay in our boarding kennel isn’t an appealing option, you can always opt to hire a pet sitter. Our professional pet sitters have undergone extensive training to watch over your pet properly.

Doggie Day Care

Dogs often undergo a lot of stress when left at home alone. As such, we offer a doggie day care service. This way, your pet is able to spend some time under the care of our professional pet sitters as well as make friends with other dogs.

Dog Walking

Dogs are a bundle of energy. Unfortunately, you might not have the strength to match it after a hectic day at work. In times like these, take advantage of our dog walking service. You rest easy knowing your dog has gotten the exercise it needs.

Pick-up & Delivery Service

Don’t have the time to drive down to our facility? That’s OK; we understand that many of our clients are busy. This is why we offer pick-up and delivery services to our customers.

A La Carte Spa Services

Is your pet all stressed out? An afternoon in our pet spa should provide your pet with the means to recharge its batteries. Apart from our regular spa service, you can choose more special ways to pamper your furry loved one with one or a combination of our a la carte spa services:

  • Sensitive Skin Tear Free, Hypo-Allergenic Coconut Shampoo Care
  • Express Groom (Turnaround time is approximately 1-1/2 hours)
  • Mr. Skunk Treatment
  • Coat Renewal Re-Moisturizer Hydration for Parched Coats
  • Teeth Brushing (Proven Two-Part System for Cleaner Teeth & Fresh Breath)
  • Simple Shed Shampoo & De-furminator Treatment (Releases hair shafts)
  • Peppermint Massage (Relieves sore joints and muscle-relaxing aroma therapy)
  • Oatmeal Shampoo Bath (Soothing anti-itch for dry itchy skin)
  • Plump Perfect Facial Scrub (Tearless & Plus Brightening Cleanser)

As a special treat, all first time clients may choose up to three of our a la carte spa services with a purchase of grooming (up to $40 value).

Let Your Pet Experience the Good Life